Members of BSD Research


  • Dr. Hiroki Sato, President

    FreeBSD Core Team member, FreeBSD committer (src/ports/doc), FreeBSD Release Engineer, FreeBSD Foundation Board member, and NetBSD developer. Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • Shozo Takeoka, Vice President

    The founder of AXE, Inc., which has developed original operating systems and supported promotion activities of Unix-like OS including BSD in Japan. He is President of AXE, Vice President of OSS Consortium, a board member of Japan Embedded System Technology Association, PC Cluster Consortium, and Association of Dependability Engineering for Open Systems.

  • Hajimu UMEMOTO, Vice President

    FreeBSD committer (src/ports), Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

  • Makoto Fujiwara, Secretary

    NetBSD developer, Japan NetBSD Users' Group, KINU Corporation.

  • Masao Uebayashi, Auditor

    NetBSD developer, OpenBSD developer, Japan NetBSD Users' Group, BSD Association, Tombi, Inc.

AsiaBSDCon Working Group

  • Jun Ebihara

    NetBSD developer, Japan NetBSD Users' Group, SOUM Corporation.

BSD Certification Working Group

  • Makoto Fujiwara

Education Service Working Group

  • Hiroki Sato