Welcome to BSD Research

BSD Research is a Japan-based non-profit organization which aims to support BSD-derived operating systems and related development activities.

  • For Individuals and BSD Communities

    We support communities which are dediated to promotion, development, and deployment of BSD-derived operating systems and related technologies by running Asia BSD Conference, the largest *BSD conferences in Asian region.

  • For Corporate BSD Users

    BSD operating systems and related technologies absolutely benefit industries. The quality and functionality has been proven for over 20 years, and the sustainable development communities are following the advances in software and hardware technologies. However, relationship to community-driven software development is always a concern for a company. We offer annual report on communities and consulting service to create a synergy effect among the communities and corporate users.

  • Education and Investment

    We offer BSD Certification Exams by BSD Certification Group in Japanese, and wide range of education service including elemetary course of Unix-like operating system, application development, and kernel programming.


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BSD Associate Exam in Japanese (2014.3.3)

The BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) and BSD Research (BSDR) are please to announce that the BSDA Certification Requirements has bee translated to Japanese and that a Japanese version of the BSDA certification exam will become available.

Waiting for Approval (2014.1.18)

BSD Research is waiting for certification of non-profit organization establishment based on Non-profit Activities Promotion Law from the local government in Japan. The application was officially accepted in January 2014, and the result will be announced by March 2014. After getting the certificate, we will initiate a certified Japan-based non-profit organization and start the activities.

AsiaBSDCon 2014 (2013.11.1)

AsiaBSDCon 2014 will be held on March 13-16, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. We are now accepting paper submission and tutorial proposals.

For more information, please visit the official website.