• Hiroki Sato, President
  • Shozo Takeoka, Vice President
  • Hajimu UMEMOTO, Vice President
  • Makoto Fujiwara, Secretary
  • Masao Uebayashi, Auditor


  • Jun Ebihara

BSD Certification WG

  • Makoto Fujiwara

Education Service WG

  • Hiroki Sato

Mission of BSD Research

Our mission is to support people, community, and corporation who involve development and deployment activities of BSD operating system and related technologies.

  • Support international exchange by running AsiaBSDCon

  • Human resource development via certification exams and education courses

  • Foster a good relationship among user groups, development communities, and corporations

  • Support development and research projects

  • Offer information service about community activities to corporate users


(to be added)